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As residents of Ward Six we would like to invite you into our "home". We welcome you to take a minute and read who we are and what we are doing within our Ward.

The Ward Six Association has been formed to bring together our large diversity of residents as a neighborhood.

Our mission is to coordinate a network of dedicated neighbors to create a safe environment in which we may all live, and to maintain the best possible quality of life, health and safety for every individual and family in Ward 6. When issues arise, we will work together with our City Councilor, Marianne LaBarge, the appropriate Northampton City Departments, and individuals who reside or work in Ward 6 to find the best possible resolution.

Issues the Ward 6 Association will address are: matters of public safety, preserving open space, monitoring development, protecting our wildlife and the environment, using best practices, and community involvement.

As part of Ward 6 safety, there is a School Crossing Guard located at the intersection of Ryan Road and Matthew Drive, in front of Ryan Road School. The Crossing Guard is Ken Elkas.

Some current area of focus and action include The Ward 6 Neighborhood Watch, Ward 6 Cleanup, and Supporting Our Local Farmers.

We will not tolerate hate crimes in our ward or in the city, and we will support the Human Rights Commission in our City.

As the Ward 6 Association we encourage everyone to tell your neighbors about the group. Anyone who is interested in joining us please email us at wardsixhome@hotmail.com.

We hope you will join us in making our Ward a safe and great place to live.

Thank you,
The Neighbors of Ward Six